Coffeehouse Tijm

Tijm is truly a hidden gem with something for everyone. The restaurant, which now has two branches, is open for breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner. The lights, plants and cheerful colours make you immediately feel like you are on holiday in another country. With a Pastel de Nata in Portugal, with the Paneer Butter Masala in India and with a Poké Bowl in Hawaii. The meals are mega tasty, cheap and full of flavor. You will notice that the restaurant delves into both good, healthy and sustainable food.

The vibe at Coffeehouse Tijm:

The specialties at Coffeehouse Tijm:

ibanese salad

with labneh, pomegranate and mint


with salmon, seaweed, cucumber, carrot and the famous sriracha sauce

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The contribution of Coffeehouse Tijm:

Through healthy eating and a healthy environment, you care for both your body and your mind.

Directions to Coffeehouse Tijm:

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