Dr. plant

”Dr. Plant shows that we don’t have to use animals to make tasty dishes. Without using animal products, we want you to enjoy delicious soups, burgers, stews, brownies and much more! Anyone can eat a plant-based diet, sometimes without realizing it, and you’ll get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Because we want to let you taste as much as possible, our menu changes regularly.” ​

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Firebean Burger

Burger made of black beans, chickpeas and dried pepper seeds, served on a bun with fresh raw vegetables and homemade guacamole spread.

Frietje Pindastoof

Friet naar keuze, geserveerd met plantaardige stoof gemaakt van jackfruit, ui, laurier, kruidnagel, sambal en pindakaas. Topping van gefruite uitjes Niet! glutenvrij.

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We want people to taste that good food doesn’t have to come from animals

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