Vegan Heroes

Fresh, Fierce & f*cking good. If you can’t taste the difference why choose cruelty? Not all heroes wear capes. So let’s be vegan heroes together, for a better tomorrow. no need for a reservation, you can just walk in and sit down. see you soon!

The vibe at Vegan Heroes:

The specialties at Vegan Heroes:


Nobody puts this baby in a corner. No crying just vibes. Afforable, delightful and full of wonder. A real heroes nurture for the heart and the soul. Ingredients: Meaty burger, gotta ketchup, faith like a mustard seed and pickles.


Chunky yet funky, large and in charge. No it’s not Latrice Royale but our Fabulous Fermentation. Ingredients: Dutch Delight burger, wassa bae sauce, vegan cheddar, kim chi, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, fried onion.

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The contribution of Vegan Heroes:

Gorgeous food for gorgeous people. Colorful, feisty and full of love. We create food that is accessible for everyone. Sharing food is sharing joy. And besides reducing harm, veganism is all about enabling joy. Together we are sexier than alone. Bon appetitty!

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