Viola Jebbari

I’m Viola Jebbari. I work with people with great dedication, enthusiasm and pleasure. That has never really been the case. Together with a partner I have founded various companies that deal with guiding customers in sports and nutrition. In order to guide my clients even better, the desire has arisen to immerse myself in the psychological processes of humans so that I can support my clients even better mentally during different phases of the process to become fitter and tighter. Gaining discipline is difficult and especially to maintain that while you do not yet see a physical result, we help during the relapse and teach you how to persevere and achieve your goal motivated. That is the power of Rewire Mindset & fitness coaching in combination with personal training. During personal training you learn the techniques to independently master the best workouts for your goal. I am also a therapist and I help clients with burnout, grief, divorce and personal development.

The contribution of Viola Jebbari:

Let me help you take control of your body, mind and soul!

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