Nathalie Barkmeijer

Nutrition Nutrition plays an essential role in creating a healthy lifestyle. As a lifestyle and nutrition coach, I supervise nutritional processes and give guest lectures for companies and schools with great enthusiasm. Mentally Mental counseling is a great part of my job. Insight and awareness simply ensure personal growth & development. For everyone On my website you can read about young people, women in the menopause, cancer patients and what I can do for companies. I have a lot to do with these people, that’s where part of my expertise lies, but of course I don’t exclude anyone here, enough experience. Humour What I think is important is that we work hard together on the intention of your goal, that humor is present and that everything can be said. Only then is there a ‘guarantee’ on a good result. Towards a Fit & Resilient life!

The contribution of Nathalie Barkmeijer:

Towards a Fit & Resilient life!

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