Hey, thanks for using Vittap Taps!

First of all, how do I use it?

Alright! So you ordered your Taps and you’re about to explore the possibilities of our product + health & lifestyle (web)application, congratulations! Let’s start with the very first basics. This is how to use your Taps:

Prepare a bottle or glass with your favorite drink.
Drop the desired dose into your drink with the pipett.
The active ingredient automatically mixes with your drink.
Your 'Daily Taps' are now ready to use!

Actually.. it doesn’t really matter! Feel free! The drops dissolve very well, so you can use them with almost everything. You can put it in any drink you want, your yogurt, your salad or even with your pasta at dinner.

There is no preference for the morning or the evening. It is recommended to do this shortly before or after a meal. Because your body is still digesting, the vitamins will be absorbed even faster and better.

If you consistently take the drops daily, you will be able to use them for 1-2 months.

All Vittap supplements are produced and developed using the unique and award-winning MyCell Enhanced Technology® which is plant-based and produced in our laboratory in Switzerland (Europe).

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Congratulations! You're a real Tapper now!

Okay! You dropped your first Tap.. you can call yourself a real ‘Tapper’! Now it’s time to start exploring the possibilities of the Vitt•App..