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WE MAKE A CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE JUST A MUCH EASIER Conscious eating doesn’t have to be complicated. Our food bar has everything you need to put together a tasty veggie meal. Healthy and low in calories, nutritious or a good snack. Mr.Vegan uses the best ingredients and world recipes to make everyone happy. From healthy BOWL to powerful JUNKFOOD. Even dessert has been thought of; Our SWEETS are irresistible. Proof that Vegan is tasty; our Classic Mr. Vegan burger!

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Falafel Bowl

Lettuce, quinoa, chickpeas, falafel, avocado, cucumber, cauliflower, tomato, corn, sesame dressing

Sushi Bowl

Sla, rijst, edamame, NoFishSashimi, komkommer, tomaat, broccoli, wakame, avocado, nori-crunch, sesam en wasabisoja-dressing

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We are the new Vegan delivery service in the Netherlands. Our Foodbar makes 100% plant-based comfort food. Whether you are a foody or vegan, flexitarian or just curious. With us you can easily order the tastiest Vegan dishes.

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