Fresh & fruity protein (sports) shake

Fancy a fresh and fruity shake rich in proteins and good building blocks? This shake is very suitable for after exercise or to cool down on a sunny hot day. It is full of healthy and powerful elements for the body and is also completely plant-based!

Posted by: Thom Défilet

The ingredients you need:

300ml Almond milk
1 scoop Protein powder
25g Pumpkin seeds
2 tbsp. Broken linseed
1 Banana
30g Strawberries
40g Blueberries
40g Avocado pieces (frozen)
1 tbsp. Peanut butter

The recipe contains:

The instructions:

Prepare the necessary ingredients and a clean blender.
Add all ingredients one at a time in the blender and then add the almond milk to avoid mess.
Add some Vitamin Taps for extra vitamins (optional).
Close the blender and blend until there are no or few visible pieces left.

Enjoy your meal!

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