Mariëlle Hermes

Career coach for women Are you stuck in your work / career? Do you miss enthusiasm in your work? Are you looking for a new horizon tip in your career? Do you need help setting up your resume and motivation letter? Do you want to make dreams come true again? You can contact me for both career coaching and job coaching or both. The methodology I use is the Course Survey. What is the Price Survey? The Course Survey was developed by Adriaan Hoogendijk and focuses on career self-management. What makes this method unique is that the emphasis is on discovering your most vitalizing career prospects. By completing various assignments, such as writing your own biography, making your own element quadrilateral and developing your own core qualities, you gain insight into what makes you happy, where your passion lies and what is important to you. Together we look at where your challenges and obstacles lie and how you can tackle them. In this way you take control yourself and ultimately follow your heart! The purpose of job coaching? The personal job coaching plan is a tailor-made action plan that matches your labor market and the wishes and requirements of our time. We will work with the CV, the application/motivation letter, your unique selling points, but there is also room for personal conversations aimed at dealing with the courage to take new steps and risks and to overcome the individually experienced obstacles. discuss. i.a. in making contact by telephone and preparing network and job interviews, etc. Precisely because these are sometimes new activities for the client, combined with daring and vulnerability, intensive, targeted support is so important. All this with the aim of preparing you for the labor market! I mainly focus on women between 25 and 55 years old, but in the end it’s about the personal click and everyone is welcome!

The contribution of Mariëlle Hermes:

Changing course is super exciting, but also ensures that many other beautiful things can come your way. Now I combine the profession of recruiter with my own company as a career coach. For me the perfect combination in which both my commercial and soft skills come in handy.

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