Joost Woortman

Joost has a vision of ‘health’: physical and mental go hand-in-hand to achieve and maintain overall health and fitness. One cannot go without the other. To achieve this, awareness and insight are important. Insight into your own behaviour. At Woortman & Verdiepen, we will therefore delve into you together. We delve into your question or problem. We immerse ourselves in your health. We immerse ourselves in your goal. We delve into how you can achieve that goal. In short, by deepening you achieve more for yourself. For us, deepening is ‘our second name’. Self-insight is the key to success. Joost helps clients to become aware of their own behaviour. This allows the clients to get more out of themselves. This is done by offering tailor-made coaching and training programs, in which the individual is central. Mental and physical aspects are combined in a Personal Plan. The result: clients feel stronger, more confident, healthier and fitter.

The contribution of Joost Woortman:

Physically in motion and mentally in balance for physical fitness and mental rest

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