Jeff Sloots

I am Jeff Sloots, 36 years young, youth coach and I come from Groningen. My passion to coach young people has arisen from the experiences I have experienced myself. As a youth and years later I have dealt with multiple depression, anxiety and addiction. Everything makes me the person I am today. Honest, sincere and respectful. I will coach you with HART and I will never judge the things you do or have experienced. I am here for you to bring change in your life, so that you can continue to color your life with all the beautiful things that life has to offer. In addition to coaching, I also give resilience training and you can come to me for boxing. I also use boxing during coaching sessions because sometimes emotional blockages (rocks) have to be cleared before you can start a conversation. Sometimes it is a combination of boxing and having conversations or not. You decide how it goes and we will see what I can contribute in your process towards change. With me you can go in many directions when it comes to coaching. Even if you think you might not know what you want right away, it doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere. After all, there are many roads to Rome. Send me a message and we’ll talk soon! Regards, Jeff

The contribution of Jeff Sloots:

Committed, Confrontational, Goal-oriented, Behavior, Emotionally, Solution-oriented

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